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The Greek and English Gematria of the Holy Name of Jesus Christ (27:33)
16 May
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Death and Resurrection (1:03:55)
23 April

An early foray into the universal notion of death and resurrection. This was a lecture put together well before my

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Zodiac and the 16 Digits of Pi (44:57)
19 April

We will be exploring these concepts again in a future video, as there have been so many more correlations to

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The Monogram of Christ (31:27)
24 October
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Marty Leeds at the Olympia Sync Summit (53:20)
8 September

This speech was given at the Olympic SyncBook summit in 2014. Marty discusses the math of the hands and its

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Marty Leeds at the River of Stars (30:58)
13 April

I gave a speech at the River of Stars Astrology Conference on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is where

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The Preamble to the Constitution (25:05)
25 March

Did the founding fathers encode the Constitution mathematically? In short, the answer is a resounding YES. This video covers more

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The Hebrew Alphabet (26:29)
24 February

Marty makes a journey through the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, their English counterparts as given by Judaic scholar

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The Mathematics of Billiards (35:30)
24 February
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The Hands of God (46:19)
14 February
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Oneness and the 42 Principles of the Egyptian Ma’at (9:03)
7 January

In this quick video, Marty looks at the notion of oneness and monotheism as understood through mathematics, and how that

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The True Meaning of Christmas (59:52)
24 December

In this video, Marty discusses how the mythological storyline of Jesus may be directly related to the cyclical pattern of

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The Universe In A Nutshell (36:21)
8 December

Marty discusses how basic universal construction can be understood through the formation of simple geometry, using the ratio of pi

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A Quickie with Marty Leeds – High “Phi”ve (8:53)
2 December

Here is a very short look at the ratio of phi and the number 1.618 and how we may relate

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The English Alphabet (26:04)
13 September

The second video I did in the studio, and my first ever series of videos. I did this video and

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The Calendars of Chess (21:28)
25 July

Yet another very early lecture. The calendars in chess are absolutely astounding and it is so amazing to me how

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Pi, The Mathematical Structure of the English Alphabet & The Sun God Myth (40:52)
15 July

These early works have been made available for posterity, to record the progress and evolution of these ideas as they

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Ordo Ab Chao (59:47)
1 July

Marty dissects, without fear or paranoia, the symbolism surrounding the 33rd degree of Scottish Rite Masonry, the Inspector General, whose

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Rebis (40:42)
13 May

In this video, Marty discusses the very famous alchemical symbol known as Rebis, from Theoria Philosophiae Hermeticae (1617) by Heinrich

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Ordo Templi Orientis (1:05:59)
9 May
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