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Today I get to sit down with Melissa and Aaron Dykes from Truthstream Media. If you are not aware of Truthstream Media, do yourself a favor and get acquainted. They can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and on their website, www.truthstreammedia.com…That is they will be available on those outlets at least until the censorship regime takes them and everyone else out.
Mel and Aaron have countless great videos and documentaries to feast on. Their latest film The Minds of Men is available on Vimeo and Amazon to rent or buy. Do yourself a favor, subscribe to them on YouTube, throw ’em a buck and check out their work. It is fantastic.
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This one is a doozy. This lecture was edited down from the 3-hour live stream available for members on martyleeds33.com. There is so much covered in this episode it is hard to even know where to start. We cover the Mayan Long Count Calendar, the 2012 phenomenon, the brilliance of a several-thousand-year-old Tzolkin calendar, the mathematics/numerology behind these calendars and how they point to the number 42 and pi. We even cover the Mayan creation story and cosmology as well as the ubiquitousness of the themes and motifs shared by the indigenous peoples of the Americas. There is so much to discover and to whet your whistle on in this lecture.
As we deconstruct the mathematics of the ancient Mayan peoples, as well as those passed down to the Aztecs in the Temple of Kulkucan in Chichen Itza, we clear up any misconceptions about the savagery of these people. Without question, the Mayan civilization celebrated an astronomical and numeric high wisdom. As we move forward in the lecture we will also find the EXACT SAME MATHEMATICAL PRINCIPLES of the Mayan peoples being elucidated within not only the English name of Jesus Christ but as well within the first verse of Genesis. We work towards uncovering a sacred system of knowledge that has its entire foundation within our number line, as well as on our fingers and toes.
We also spend some time remembering and honoring the life of John Major Jenkins. We discuss his death, his lifetime of fantastic, thorough and well-researched work as well as how he was roundly dismissed within the academic community for the syncretic work he did. This episode is dedicated to him.
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In this episode, we speak with former State Trooper, US customs agent, School Administrator and principle Wolfgang Halbig. Wolfgang has been involved in questioning the official narrative of Sandy Hook since day one and has been inquiring into the school shooting using FOIA requests. Wolf has been sued, harassed, stalked and had most of his social media, including his website shut down. Wolf was being sued by Leonard Pozner for pain and suffering for 2.5 years before finally dropping the lawsuit after being called to give a video deposition. Wolf is now being sued by several family members of children who allegedly died at Sandy Hook along with an FBI agent. Alex Jones is named in the lawsuit as well.
It is always such a pleasure to speak with Wolf. I personally feel that he is a true, living breathing American hero who has stood up for what is good, true and right for many years now, helping people awaken to the deception that Sandy Hook is and was. Spread the word. Share this and thank you for listening.

The following interview was recorded over at Crrow777radio.com. If you would like to hear the second hour of this show, it is NOt available on martyleeds33.com but is available on Crow’s site.
In this episode, we discuss Heaven and Earth, the angle of sorrow and the angle of joy, the nature of numbers themselves, the Gnosticism inherent within all of the major prophetic traditions as well as so much more. This one is a goodie. Enjoy!

In this lecture, we deconstruct the notion that Jesus Christ is a representation of the sun – an idea that has been claimed by countless esotericists, mythologists and occultists throughout time. We discuss the power of the symbol of the sun and exactly what universal mathematical constants and precepts we can extract from the sun. We take an abbreviated look at the mathematics encoded in Jesus in both English and in Greek, we hear from the great esotericists and theosophist Manly P. Hall as well as discuss how light and the sun is symbolic of the creator.
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The following show is from a recent interview I did with Dan Smotz over at the System is Down podcast. I have included his show notes below. Please check him out over at thesystemisdown.podbean.com
Thanks to everyone for your patience as life has thrown me about 108 curve balls lately. I discuss why you haven’t heard from me in the last few weeks in this episode. Much more in the works. Please consider becoming a member at martyleeds33.com
Well, we’re going for it. In a day and age where looking at someone the wrong way can get you branded an antisemite or a Nazi….we are going to touch the untouchable topic and talk about the Jews.
The entire point of this show since its inception was to have the discussions that most people are too uncomfortable to have or that we’re not allowed to have. As I watch channel after channel on YouTube get wiped out for just bringing up this topic, it has become more and more clear to me that this is a conversation we are not allowed to have. The question of the day is… Why not?
Now, I shouldn’t have to preface with this and I’m sure some of you will refuse to believe it anyway, but neither Marty Leeds nor myself are antisemitic. Additionally, to all of my Jewish friends, I must say… this isn’t about you. I hope that that becomes more clear as the conversation unfolds, but just so you don’t jump to conclusions… this isn’t about you.
Hopefully, this is not the last episode of the show. This is the first episode of the show that will not be posted to YouTube due to the almost guarantee that it would end my channel. We’ll see how things go.
Now take that little part of your brain that screams “alt-right, antisemitic, Nazi!” every time you hear the word “Jews”…. and just turn it off for an hour an a half and if, in the end, you disagree with the content of this episode…. good. Let’s talk about it.
Question Everything and Stay Uncomfortable.

Today we speak with activist, documentarian, and festival promoter Matt Landman. Matt has been one of the leading voices in the alternative media fighting against the geo-engineering campaign (otherwise known as chemtrails) that are operating worldwide. Matt continues to work aggressively towards educating the masses about the horrors of aerosol injections and is currently working on his second movie, “Altered” which is a continuation, expansion and follow up to his brilliant documentary “Frankenskies.” In this episode, we discuss 5G, the importance of resonance, frequency, the nefarious use of all modern technology, how to protect yourself against these weapons as well as how you can help spread the word and start engaging in activism yourself. Matt can be found all over the web including his Facebook group that boasts several thousand subscribers, at www.actualactivists.com as well as www.frankenskiesthemovie.com.
If you would like to hear the second hour of this broadcast, please consider becoming a member at https://martyleeds33.com. You can also find both the movie Frankenskies as well as the presentation that Matt Landman gave in Eugene, Oregon in the red pill section of my website as well.

Today we speak with Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil. Nathan is an independent citizen journalist who covers a bevy of diverse topics and has made his mark as a consistently reliable source for unbiased information on extremely controversial issues. Recently, Nathan has gained quite a following covering the personal revelations by survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse with his #survivorstories. He has covered stories from such people as Michael Whalen, who has given testimony to his experience with child rape with the owners of Voodoo Doughnuts as well as SRA survivor Fiona Barnett who has spoken out about these abuses publically in Australia for over 20 years. We have a great conversation delving into all sorts of different topics such as the reemerging evidence of #pizzagate, the difficulting in researching pedophilia, and the trajectory of internet censorship.
You can find him all over the interwebs by just searching Lift the Veil, or check out his clothing line at http://truthclothing.io
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