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What do pedophilia, Jay Z, and the current trend of making the occult fashionable in mainstream society have to do with one another? As we will come to find out, a whole lot. In this lecture, we discuss how dark artists and followers of the left-hand path use their sinister enterprise to take that which is hallowed and beautiful and pervert it. We discuss how Masons take the blame for nearly all the ills in this world, how they become the fall guy for every wicked deed or act committed in this world and how nearly everyone has a distorted view of what the institution of Masonry is supposed to be all about. We discuss poor research, people’s ignorant pre-conceived notions, how the understanding of symbolism is completely misconstrued by nearly all self-proclaimed “truth-seekers” and how we can deconstruct the most arcane and prevalent symbols in our world such as the All-Seeing Eye of God, the Pentagram, the square and compasses, and the Ouija Board and find wisdom and sacred axioms withheld in all of them. We also discuss the normalization of Pedophilia by discussing Desmond is Amazing, Michael Alig, the Party Monster, and Elton John. We finally wrap up the entire thing by decoding Jay Z and finding out that his thirteenth record and main insignia of the triangle in the hands clearly and precisely encode high ancient wisdom along with contemporary mysteries captured within our English Alphabet. We clarify with mathematical precision that Jay Z is without question, fully aware of the mystical art of squaring the circle. We sing we dance, we have a gay ol’ time.
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Today I speak with Paul on the Plane. Paul has a podcast called the Dome Life, has a show every Tuesday on Truth Frequency Radio and has a great YouTube channel. Paul is an ardent truth seeker and a proud supporter of flat Earth truth. He has performed many of his own experiments, conducted many great interviews, and continues to be a pillar in the FE community. We have a quick talk, but a powerful one. Enjoy.
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Well, this should definitely raise a few eyebrows. Trigger warning.
Today we discuss masonry and read from Morals and Dogma by 33rd-degree Mason, Albert Pike. Pike is an extremely controversial figure in the so-called “truth community” and yet, as we discuss in this lecture, nearly everyone who talks about masonry will often claim Pike to be a Satanist and will outright claim without hesitation that the whole of Freemasonry to be a Luciferian organization. We put these absurd and obscene notions to rest in this lecture. We talk at length about what the role of Masonry is, what it teaches to its initiates, how the mystery tradition is being passed on through this organization, why mysteries are held within masonry, as well as so much more. Be prepared to slaughter your pre-conceived notions about Masonry and Pike. Put aside any bias you may have about these notions, and let’s read directly from the book and hear exactly what Pike had to say himself.
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In this lecture, we discuss the notions of magic and wizardry and deduce and extract the spiritual meaning of these concepts. We discuss how magic is related directly to the properties of the magnet and how magnetism is a principle within nature that embodies within it the spiritual edict of every human being. We discuss how these concepts are captured beautifully in the symbol of the double-headed eagle, in verses in Revelation and Isiah, in the God-Self Icon rediscovered by Richard Cassaro, how alchemical art consistently honors these same ideas, how the chessboard captures these notions, and give numerous other examples. We set the foundation of spiritual work, the Magnum Opus or Great Work, as the reconciling of opposites in the psychospiritual subconscious world of the interiorized self. We discuss how the process of mirroring reflects the principles of magnetism, how this mirroring is found in the number line as well as encoded within the name of Jesus Christ. We discuss the nature of coronation and kingship, what these terms and symbols mean in terms of the enlightenment of the human being and his pathway back to God. We deconstruct using etymology, phonology and the sacred art of gematria the words MAGIC and WIZARD and show how true magic may be found right on the human hands.
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Happy New Year to all
This show is another one I did with Ryan Gable over at the Secrets Teachings Podcast available at www.secretteachings.info. This conversation was about “Those That Shalt Not Be Named” where we, of course, discuss Jewish Supremacy. We talk at length about such topics as the history of the Jewish people and how they have interacted with Gentile society over the past two thousand years, the future fo the geo-political hellscape that is the Middle East and what got us there in the first place, how Jewish revolutionary ideas have infiltrated not only modern churches but the educational system, the desecration of the name of Jesus Christ and Mary as written in the Talmud, the role AIPAC plays in the solidarity of the US Government in Israel, and so much more. We firmly and strongly address the obtuse and unfounded notions of this discussion being accusatorily labeled “anti-semitic” and roundly deny any claims of White Nationalism or Nazism. Neither Ryan nor I come from a place of hatred, superiority or racial supremacy. Such claims are demonstrably absurd.  As these topics are always subjected to censorship on other platforms, this show will only be available on this podcast network and platform, as well as on martyleeds33.com.
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Merry Christmas, everyone.
Much love and many blessings to all.
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In this 2 hour conversation, I sit down with Ryan Gable over at the Secret Teachings podcast. Ryan is a studier of the occult and esoterica and is a wealth of information on these topics. We cover a litany of subjects in this two-hours; how symbolism and the sacred sciences are disregarded by most contemporaries, the specific role man plays on Earth and his divine spiritual purpose and directive, and how God created the lower dimensions as an obstacle, a great challenge for mankind on his way back to the heavens. We journey into the heart of Gnosticism, discuss the role of Saturn, Chronos and the Keeper of Time in man’s spiritual struggle. We discuss how the three Abrahamic Faiths all encode the high wisdom of the cube, or Kabbalah, within each of its mystical emblems, symbolism, and rituals; from the Jewish phylacteries to the unfolding cube of Jesus’ cross to the circumambulation of the Muslims 7 times around the Kaba, the cube is clearly shown to be the centerpiece of the deep esoteric aspects of these major religions.
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In this lecture, we take our time in uncovering the mystical, scientific and spiritual axioms withheld in the ancient Egyptian myth of the Heliopolitan Mystery. We discuss how advanced civilizations clearly understood that symbolism is the most efficient way to pass on to future generations great truths about the nature of existence and God. We discuss how universal principles and sacred sciences are passed on the through mythology, the role that harmony plays in the ordering of creation, the predominance of the septenary in man’s existence, and how we may draw numeric metaphors directly from the myths of old. We cover squaring the circle, the 9 Egyptian Neters of the Ennead, how the primordial waters of Nu clearly represent pre-existence and the non-number zero, as well as how we can find a creation story locked within our own ascending number line. We discover, through the puissance of mathematics, a golden thread that ties the Atum of Heliopolis, to the Adam Kadmon in Jewish mysticism to Adam and Eve in Genesis.
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