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The following show is from a recent interview I did with Dan Smotz over at the System is Down podcast. I have included his show notes below. Please check him out over at thesystemisdown.podbean.com
Thanks to everyone for your patience as life has thrown me about 108 curve balls lately. I discuss why you haven’t heard from me in the last few weeks in this episode. Much more in the works. Please consider becoming a member at martyleeds33.com
Well, we’re going for it. In a day and age where looking at someone the wrong way can get you branded an antisemite or a Nazi….we are going to touch the untouchable topic and talk about the Jews.
The entire point of this show since its inception was to have the discussions that most people are too uncomfortable to have or that we’re not allowed to have. As I watch channel after channel on YouTube get wiped out for just bringing up this topic, it has become more and more clear to me that this is a conversation we are not allowed to have. The question of the day is… Why not?
Now, I shouldn’t have to preface with this and I’m sure some of you will refuse to believe it anyway, but neither Marty Leeds nor myself are antisemitic. Additionally, to all of my Jewish friends, I must say… this isn’t about you. I hope that that becomes more clear as the conversation unfolds, but just so you don’t jump to conclusions… this isn’t about you.
Hopefully, this is not the last episode of the show. This is the first episode of the show that will not be posted to YouTube due to the almost guarantee that it would end my channel. We’ll see how things go.
Now take that little part of your brain that screams “alt-right, antisemitic, Nazi!” every time you hear the word “Jews”…. and just turn it off for an hour an a half and if, in the end, you disagree with the content of this episode…. good. Let’s talk about it.
Question Everything and Stay Uncomfortable.

Today we speak with activist, documentarian, and festival promoter Matt Landman. Matt has been one of the leading voices in the alternative media fighting against the geo-engineering campaign (otherwise known as chemtrails) that are operating worldwide. Matt continues to work aggressively towards educating the masses about the horrors of aerosol injections and is currently working on his second movie, “Altered” which is a continuation, expansion and follow up to his brilliant documentary “Frankenskies.” In this episode, we discuss 5G, the importance of resonance, frequency, the nefarious use of all modern technology, how to protect yourself against these weapons as well as how you can help spread the word and start engaging in activism yourself. Matt can be found all over the web including his Facebook group that boasts several thousand subscribers, at www.actualactivists.com as well as www.frankenskiesthemovie.com.
If you would like to hear the second hour of this broadcast, please consider becoming a member at https://martyleeds33.com. You can also find both the movie Frankenskies as well as the presentation that Matt Landman gave in Eugene, Oregon in the red pill section of my website as well.

Today we speak with Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil. Nathan is an independent citizen journalist who covers a bevy of diverse topics and has made his mark as a consistently reliable source for unbiased information on extremely controversial issues. Recently, Nathan has gained quite a following covering the personal revelations by survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse with his #survivorstories. He has covered stories from such people as Michael Whalen, who has given testimony to his experience with child rape with the owners of Voodoo Doughnuts as well as SRA survivor Fiona Barnett who has spoken out about these abuses publically in Australia for over 20 years. We have a great conversation delving into all sorts of different topics such as the reemerging evidence of #pizzagate, the difficulting in researching pedophilia, and the trajectory of internet censorship.
You can find him all over the interwebs by just searching Lift the Veil, or check out his clothing line at http://truthclothing.io
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Today we speak with Crrow777. Crrow777 is well known for his video footage and dissection of the lunar wave phenomenon as well as making countless other personal observations of the heavens over the years. We discuss all sorts of topics and ideas such as water in the heavens, the non-physical nature of the heavens, the pursuit of truth over theory, the complete and total corruption of our world and the alarming and unceasing censorship that continues to rage on, as well as so much more.
Check out his site at www.crrow777radio.com
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Today I speak with David Weiss of the YouTube channel DITRH and host of The flat Earth Podcast. We discuss flat Earth, the depths of evil, cognitive dissonance, losing and gaining friends in truth-seeking, and so much more.
Please join us in the second hour on www.martyleeds33.com where we continue the conversation. 2nd hour is for members only.

In this lecture, we discuss how the anatomy of the human arms and hands and how the natural divisions within the skeletal framework express cycles of the moon. We cover the phalanges, the metacarpals and the carpals, as well as the bones of the forearm finding key integers used to map and clock various phases and cycles of the moon, including the synodic and sidereal. We discuss the Egyptian Cubit, phi and the Golden Mean, the pentagram and we cover the work of Egyptologist R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz.
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Outro song by yours truly entitled “You Can Count On Me” from the home demo recording “Welcome to the Museyroom.”
God bless

This audio was taken from the recently removed documentary from Youtube. It has been essentially scrubbed from the web, after being mirrored many times.
A note to the listener:
I have love in my heart. I love God. I love all people. God is love. I take this seriously. I recognize that all peoples, regardless of race or religion have the spark of God in their heart and all people have a great sacred value. Not all are moral, good or ethical, but all have the scintilla of God within them. I do not hate. I have no hate in my heart. I am not bullying anyone in this audio/film nor am I racist in any way, shape or form. I teach the mystical aspects of the Semitic languages on my website and YouTube channel and love fully many aspects of the Jewish faith. I am not an anti-semite and I do not hate the Jewish people. Jesus was a Jew and his disciples were Jews. In no way do I wish for this audio/film to incite violence or hatred and any done so on behalf of this film or in name of this film has no association whatsoever with the author/editor. I do not condone violence but do fully support self-defense. I am not a Nazi, as I do not believe in the Socialist form of government nor do I attend nor support any specific organization, group or movement. I am not a member of the Alt-right.
As a gnostic Christian, I recognize that Judaism at its core, regardless of how it has been practiced and dogmatized in the modern and ancient world, is a continuation of the prophetic tradition, one discovered by many races, cultures and people throughout the vicissitudes of time. I have the right to criticize and appreciate any and every religion that I see fit, and if you have seen my lectures or read my books in the last 7 years, I do just that. I have a great admiration and deep love for the mystical aspects of many faiths, including Judaism. This audio/film is simply meant to unearth and point out many facts that have been buried and ones that are not known by most people. Jewish supremacy and over-representation in our world must be discussed and no one, not gentile nor Jew should have any issue with engaging in such a discussion.
The fact that this film was removed within less than 2 hours of its posting, speaks volumes ad truly says all that needs to be said.
Thanks for listening.

This week Marty de-occults the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk. We discuss the absurd propositions and proclamations of the space organizations, we look at the mathematics of Elon’s name and how it is related to the number 13 and Kabbalah. We dissect the symbolism of the name of his companies and the rocket launches to the ISS, we challenge the notion that SpaceX is a privatized company, as well as discover how the entire SpaceX organization may be related to fabled structures and core stories within the Egyptian mythos.
We also discuss, at length, how the entire operation is an ANTI-CHRIST enterprise.
You don’t want to miss this one.

This week Marty takes questions from the listeners. We discuss the fallacy of Stephen Hawking, how the septenary cipher is used in other languages, how nearly EVERYONE misconstrues how to interpret occult information, as well as so much more.

This week Marty takes us through a historical, archeological, and geological journey through the remnants left over by the ancient mound building culture of America. Marty focuses on Frank’s Hill, a series of calendrical and astronomical mounds cared for and maintained by the late Frank Shadewald and the Ho-Chunk Nation.